Sunday, October 11, 2009

GHQ Operation successful, 39 hostages released

The General Head Quarters (GHQ) Operation has been completed successfully, Dunya News Sunday reported. The forces got 39 hostages released while four terrorists got killed and three hostages embraced martyrdom in the operation. One hostage was injured. On early morning today, the blast and firing sounds were heard from the security building of the GHQ.

The operation was done from all the four directions while choppers kept monitoring the GHQ building during it. The head of terrorists Aqil alias Dr. Usman has also been arrested in injured condition. ISPR DG Major General Athar Abbas told Dunya News when Dr. Usman was arrested, he blew up the gathered explosives injuring himself and five other security officials. Two SSG commandos also got injured in the operation. He said that 39 detainees had been freed. He told that four terrorists were killed and two of them were wearing suicide jackets.

The Major General informed that hostages were in better condition and had been shifted to the safe location. Some eight to 10 terrorists clad in military uniform attacked the first check post of the GHQ in the most sensitive area of Rawalpindi and threw hand grenades. Six officials including a Brigadier and Lt. Colonel were martyred in the operation. Escaped terrorists were surrounded by the forces near the second check post on the other side of the GHQ where terrorists held 28 people hostage. Careful strategy was adopted during the operation to minimize the loss of lives.

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