Friday, March 4, 2011

PTI Strongly Condemns Shahbaz Bhatti's Murder

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has strongly condemned the brutal murder of Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, saying the incident shows government’s total failure in curbing terrorism within the country. How a government that cannot protect its ministers be expected to provide security to its people, they questioned. In a joint statement issued here on Wednesday, the PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Secretary General Dr Arif Alvi, Brig (r) Samson Simon Sharaf, Information Secretary Omer Cheema and Women wing president Fauzia Kasuri, they also condemned the government for showing a criminal neglect by not providing the late Shahbaz Bhatti with proper security and housing in Ministers Enclave despite his voicing security concerns especially in the wake of thew Taseer murder. The continuing government neglect of his pleas shows the careless approach it has towards its minorities. It is sad that the present government used Shahbaz Bhatti to project a soft image of Pakistan internationally, and yet showed criminal neglect in providing him security, the PTI leader commented.

This brutal act of terror is a blot on the Pakistani nation and we must all unite to expose and punish those responsible, they added.

Meanwhile the Spokesperson of the PTI for religious affairs Ejaz Chaudhry, in a separate statement also condemned Bhatti's murder and said it was a deep-rooted conspiracy to belittle Pakistan in the eyes of the world and isolate it in the world community. Islam, he said, provides maximum protection to the minorities. He also demanded of the government to expose the hidden hand behind Bhatti's murder.