Friday, February 11, 2011

HRCP urges govt to ensure Siddique Eido’s release

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called upon the Balochistan government to ensure safe recovery of HRCP activist Siddique Eido, who was abducted in Gwadar by men wearing official uniforms on December 21 last.
In a letter to the Balochistan chief minister, HRCP expressed concern that despite the lapse of 50 days no progress had been made in securing the release of Mr Eido. The Commission said: “At the very least, statements of the four policemen of Pasni Police Station accompanying Mr Eido at the time of his abduction must be recorded and they should be asked to provide as much information as they can about the identity of his abductors.”
HRCP expressed serious concern that Mr Eido may be tortured in custody and that his life was in grave danger. It called upon the government to ensure the safe and immediate recovery of Mr Eido and order that any personnel who had any role in abducting or illegally detaining Mr. Eido be brought to justice.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guilty National heroes should be treated with an iron hand

Salman Butt

Our three cricket national heroes, Salmaan Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamir have been proved guilty of corruption with heavy punishments resulting in debarring them from cricket for the next 10 years, seven years and five years respectively. Nonetheless, they have immensely defamed the country internationally for their own vested interests. Such an act is no less than treachery. 

Mohammad Asif
Mohammad Amir
I believe that such cases should be treated with an iron hand without any leniency. It was an act of treachery and should be referred to the courts of law. Nevertheless, some influential people will always, for one reason or the other, protect these people who are determined to defame the country worldwide, which is why such cases always resurface.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

US Calls for Pakistan to Adhere to Legal Obligations: Illegally Detained Diplomat Has Full Diplomatic Immunity

Islamabad - The United States Government once again calls upon the Government of Pakistan to abide by its obligations under international and Pakistani law and immediately release the American diplomat illegally detained in Lahore. The U.S. Embassy reiterated to the Government of Pakistan today that his continued detention is a gross violation of international law.
The U.S. Government has repeatedly communicated to the Government of Pakistan that the illegally detained diplomat enjoys diplomatic immunities under the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations (1961).
The U.S. Government notified the Government of Pakistan on January 20, 2010 that the American diplomat was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad as a member of the administrative and technical staff. Under the Vienna Convention and Pakistani domestic law, he is entitled to full criminal immunity and cannot be lawfully arrested or detained.
This morning, the American diplomat was remanded in court without notice to the U.S. government, without his lawyer present, and without translation assistance. He was denied due process and a fair hearing.
We deeply regret that the January 27 events in Lahore resulted in the loss of life following an attack on the diplomat by armed assailants. However, the Government of Pakistan must comply with its obligations under international and Pakistani law and ensure that he has immunity from criminal jurisdiction.
We look forward to working with the Government of Pakistan toward the expeditious resolution of this incident. Responsibility for the safety and well-being of the illegally detained diplomat rests with the Government of Pakistan and Punjab provincial authorities.(PR)