Friday, February 3, 2012

NGOs to sue channel for Maya Khan dating raid episode

While many berated her and called her team ‘vigil aunties’ and her tactics a ‘witch hunt’, Maya Khan has also come under fire from four local non-governmental organisations for her morning show episode aired on 17th January. These NGOs have taken the matter to the Supreme Court and plan to file a suit against a private TV channel concerning a morning show episode. Maya Khan, the former host of a morning show, ‘hunted’ down dating couples in a Karachi park along with a group of about 15 women and a cameraman for an episode of her show. Her actions sparked outrage across the country, forcing the channel to fire her after she refused to issue an apology. (Pakistan Today)

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Asghar said...

The NGOs are literally spreading anti social activities. If Maya Khan is doing some service to the society what is the big deal in it. We appreciate you Maya